Titian, Angel, c. 1559-65, Florence, Uffizi

I have a new article out, on Titian’s use of drawing for his narrative works. It attempts to reassess what we know in light especially of a series of new and eye-opening technical discoveries regarding the underdrawing and revisions to his paintings made over recent decades. The volume it’s in, Venetian Disegno. out from Paul Holberton, is really excellent in my opinion, with many interesting contributions. Kudos to editors Maria Aresin, Thomas Dalla Costa, as well as Genevieve Verdigel who co-organised the online conference that started it all, back when we were all locked down.

Maria Aresin and Thomas Dalla Costa, eds., Venetian Disegno – New Frontiers c. 1420-1620, London, Paul Holberton Publishing 2024. It retails at a somewhat reasonable price — more here!