kanye_hot97.jpgThe latest chapter in the event-rap sideshow currently running full bore to dropping sales is Kanye West’s meltdown backstage at the MTV Video Awards, after he, despite having been nominated in five categories, won nothing, and was denied the opening spot in favour of Britney Spears. Non-event as that may be, it is nevertheless fascinating to watch just how seriously Kanye takes this whole circus. The rant that night, captured with expected shamelessness by some amateur paparazzo, is one thing – as reflective of his mind state as they may be, those were words of affect. What’s striking, however, is how his perfectly non-self-conscious explication of the situation the following day on Hot97 reveals his total immersion in this utterly petty and inconsequential showbiz game, when he – talented and successful as he is – could surely choose to not give a shit and be much better off for it, and so could Graduation – a well-produced album predictably erring on the safe side. It’s like watching a teenager confusing ‘cool’ for ‘good’.

For your listening/viewing pleasure, here’s Kanye backstage at the VMAs:

And here’s the interview on Hot97: