This is dope.

A pitch-perfect Premier beat, three world-class MCs, one of them being the elusive microphone fiend himself, Rakim, back in form, and some great shots of Premo in the studio at the beginning. Pay attention to them – it’s wonderful to see the way his fingers dance across the board of the MPC and the absorbed, focused look on his face as he conjures up the beat.


By the way, if you’re anywhere near London, Rakim is performing at Jazz Café Camden for three nights, 16-18 September. If you’re in Denmark, he will be playing his first concert there ever, at the Ã…rhus Took It festival, 4-6 October (Ra on the 5th), along with Bay Area legend Too $hort and NYC underground banger Saigon. Not to be missed. Also, check out this audiostream from Scion Radio of Rakim’s live performance, backed by the Rhythm Roots All-Stars, in Houston, TX on March 17. Go, listen. Now.

“Timeless/ So age don’t count in the booth/ When your flow stay submerged in the fountain of youth!”