It’s been a while ‘cos I’ve been busy. Still am, but I still wanted to check in here with some notes on this week’s musical happenings in Copenhagen and environs. I’m back in Denmark for a little while here, and started out my stay with a session featuring Beenie Man (pictured above) who, amongst other things, delivered a special, partly improvised but nevertheless felt, tribute to Natasja, narrating how he saw her over the last few days of her life, including her last show, last Saturday.

Other than that, things have been hectic – have been catching up with family and friends, as well as wrapping up a couple of texts I needed out of the door before the weekend, which – from today onwards – will be spent at Roskilde, probably not just knee deep (the forecast is dire). As mentioned, last year’s festival was where I last saw Natasja perform, which feels weird now that whole yearly ritual is kicking up again. This year, it will be fifteen years ago that I first attended Roskilde. I Swear, the festival is turning into my very own private vanitas-meter. Getting grown, but not too much for fear and loathing in the trenches.

For those who read Danish, I’ve taken a look back at Roskilde as I’ve known it over at Rapspot, where I’ll be reporting live from the festival these next few days. I’ve got a shitload of live reviews to write and will hopefully also get to do some interviews and such. Who knows, I may even get the time to stop by here and comment. Stay tuned, and come back next week for more of that good shit.

And, oh yeah, as I reminisce, here’s yours truly at Roskilde 94 — getting down to Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley and band. Good times, as always.