Our celebration of Hergé’s centenary continues! Today’s drawing is by the Bunker’s own T. Thorhauge. His debut, Det der går forud is still available from Fahrenheit, and the French edition, Table rase, published by Éditions Rackham, can be acquired here. Other significant comics work can be found in Rackham #2, 4 & 5 as well as Forandringstegn and the two BLÆK books – see our ‘works’ section for more info. He doesn’t have a website besides this one, but a lot of his writing can be found at Rackham. Also, there’s a really old interview with him here, and another here (both in Danish, unfortunately).

Also, check out the artwork in the previous instalments, by Mårdøn Smet, Miwer, Johan Krarup, Peter Kielland-Brandt and Ole Comoll Christensen. And be sure to read our freewheeling discussion of Hergé’s work .