phidippus_mystaceus_t.jpgAhem, I was a little fast in my last post about the local Spider-Man 3 poster and didn’t think to actually doublecheck whether any spiders are capable of leaping great distances. Immediately caught in the act of being generally sloppy, I received this email from fellow Danish comics, and Spider-Man enthusiast, Thomas Stærmose:

“There are actually over 5,000 species in the largest family of spiders, jumping spiders, that are capable of… well, take a guess. And then there are hunting spiders. If you’ve never seen one of those on the prowl, you’ve missed one of life’s small miracles. A little fella like that, measuring just a centimetre can jump the quarter length of a windowsill when it’s of a mind to. And they don’t spin webs, but use their webbing when they jump from place to place or need to lower themselves vertically or carry a load. Sound like somebody we know?”

I stand corrected. And will be watching my windowsill with more diligence in the future. Thanks!

Here are some wiki-links: jumping spiders, hunting spiders. The image shows a phidippus mystaceus, of the jumping spider family.