So, some of you will probably have noticed that a new head has entered the Bunker, dropping us at a very special Copenhagen crossing, and for the non-Danes out there I want to take the opportunity to present him. Cav is one of the new voices in Danish comics and animation; after several years in the underground – with the story Necropolis, written by Simon Petersen being the crowning achievement – he debuted last year with Blodbryllup, an adaptaton of García Lorca’s Bodas de sangre, and was also featured in our anthology BLÆK last year, done in collaboration with Henrik Rehr, and he has recently submitted his final project at animation line at the Copenhagen Film School. Check out more of his work at his (other) blog, as well as on the site dedicated to one of the films he directed last year, Lucky Strike.

A great talent poised to take it to the next level. Watch him!

Also, check out Rackham‘s reviews of Necropolis and Blodbryllup. Image from Blodbryllup.