Signing in the L'Association stand, open again this year!

I spent last weekend at Angoulême and as usual I covered the festival for The Comics Journal. Here are my post for Friday and Saturday, dealing with the two astonishing shows (co-)curated by festival president Art Spiegelman, and here are my thoughts on the festival as a whole.

I travelled to Angoulême with representatives of the Danish comics site Nummer9 as well as the Danish Comics Council. We all took photos, and a selection of them are online in the Metabunker photo archive.

Speaking of archives, here are links to the full Rackham/Metabunker/Comics Journal coverage, carried out by Thomas Thorhauge and myself since 2001.


  1. So that’s what the Life of Glamour is like! 🙂
    Sounds absolutely … augh, no words for that. Enawing! I made that one up, best I can do.

    I just saw a post of Boulet’s part of the 24h event, wow!
    What a testament to the benefits of limitation to the creative process.

  2. Is the 24h event carried out “in the open” or do the contributors do their thing by themselves, do you know?
    Here’s Boulet’s strip (vertical)
    It’s paginated on the official 24h even site, but it works much better in the vertical.

  3. I think the 24h session was held at the Maison des auteurs (official artists’ residence) in the days leading up to the festival, rather than during, but I may be wrong. Regardless, it is pretty cool!

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