The picks of the week from around the web.

  • 9/11: The Winners. The Village Voice‘s muck-raking isn’t always that credible, but this panorama of hucksterism and profiteering off the national tragedy makes for compelling if disconcerting reading.
  • Kirby’s 70th. Jack Kirby interviewed on the radio in 1987, with Stan Lee calling in! Great listening for afficionados of Kirby and the Marvel Age.
  • Kirby Crackle. More Kirby! This is the kind of nerdy article examining pertinent minutiae of a given artist’s work that I can’t help but enjoy. Rob Steibel brings a discerning eye to Jack Kirby’s development of his graphic crackle-effect, crucially aided by his sixties inker Joe Sinnott.
  • Happy Labor Day!