dialog_kw.jpgKurt Westergaard, the cartoonist behind the infamous bomb in the turban from Jyllands-Posten, revisited the controversy a few days ago when he illustrated the printed version of Norwegian writer Hege Storhaug’s speech to the editor responsible for the original printing of the 12 Muhammed cartoons, Flemming Rose when he was awarded the newly-instated, so-called Sappho prize by the Society for Press Freedom. While the society seems to mostly consist of xenophobic cranks for whom scimitar-wielding Ay-rabs rewriting Danish law seems a tangible threat, the cartoon in itself appears to me a much more justified statement of anger and frustration on the part of a cartoonist who was threatened on his life for his provocative and insensitive, but essentially non-xenophobic cartoon. Justifiably angry at this outrage, his latest cartoon is anything but conciliatory in its attack on the even less conciliatory forces he angered by putting a bomb in the Prophet’s turban. Much less iconic than that memorable image, it consists mostly of text and is, frankly, rather sloppy, but I find the indignation that feeds it both compelling and sobering.

Translated, it reads: “DIALOGUE?” “Or what do you think is on the drawing board?” On the inkwell it says “Freedom of speech”, while I believe the Arabic writing on the bomb reads “Muhammed” and “The Koran”.

Thanks to Kirsten Damgaard for calling my attention to the cartoon. See earlier related posts on the Metabunker here, here and here. Check out Rackham‘s extensive coverage of the Cartoon Crisis in English here and in Danish here.