We on the Danish Comics Council board are very proud to present a big roundtable debate on the number one hot button topic, and arguably the most significant one, when it comes to cartooning these days: issues of transgression and freedom of speech.

As mentioned here recently, there’s currently a fairly heated debate on drawn child pornography going in Denmark, with a number of political parties proposing restricting legislation. And at the same time, the ghost of the Mohammad cartoons is still very much alive.

The debate will focus on both these particular cases and related issues. It features a number of the highest profile public commentators on the issues in question, as well as a couple of politicians actively engaged in jurisdiction around these issues, plus of course a couple of cartoonists.

It will take place on 2 November at the Faculty of the Humanities, the University of Copenhagen 7-9 pm. Free entry.

Above is the flyer, in Danish obviously.