This Sunday saw the fourth Comics and Beats event in Copenhagen. Organised by the Danish Comics Council, it is a live drawing event where cartoonists improvise to music provided by a DJ and prompts given by the audience and the MC. This time, it took place as part of a charity event in Copenhagen’s Fælledpark, with the resulting drawings subsequently being auctioned off to benefit Zimbabwean farmers.

This time, the artists were Allan Haverholm, Ina Korneliussen, and Erik Petri, the DJ was M. Dejean and the MC was Cav Bøgelund. As usual, Frederik Høyer-Christensen was there and caught the event on his camera — check his Flickr set here.

Image: Cav Bøgelund and M. Dejean vs. Korneliussen, Haverholm & Petri.