The picks of the week from around the web.

  • Rolling Stone: “The Runaway General”. Without question this week’s most exposed piece of journalism, Michael Hasting’s article on the now deposed Gen. Stanley McCrystal, is well-worth spending time with if you only read the summaries. It does much more than convey the disparaging one-liners that lost him the job, revealing fascinating detail about the US war effort in Afghanistan. On a “roll” these days, the magazine this week also offered up this chilling caution about where the next disastrous oil spill might well happen.
  • The Nation: Barry Schwabsky reviews several interesting great art shows — the eye-opening Matisse exhibition that just closed at Chicago and will be opening at MoMA next month, and the recently closed Købke and De Stijl shows in London. Great writing.
  • Jim Woodring reads Weathercraft. This walk-through of his masterful new book is well worth it for fans of Woodring.
  • Above: Henri Matisse, Portrait of Yvonne Landsberg, 1914, Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Louise and Walter Arensberg Collection