Gary Shider of Plainfield, NJ and long-time funkateer of Parliament-Funkadelic fame, has passed away. He was the one in the diaper, rocking the guitar. Plus he was one of the architects of the P-Funk sound, overshadowed in the earlier years by fellow guitarist Eddie “Maggot Brain” Hazel but was just as important a constituent of the space-heavy, soulful guitar sound of Funkadelic. He co-wrote many of the classics with George Clinton, such as “Baby I Owe You Something Good”, “Nappy Dugout” and “One Nation Under a Groove”, and eventually acted as producer on much of their post-Parliament-Funkadelic work.

One Nation.

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  1. :[ Let the funk flow to the ground, to, once again, rise from the ground, maggot brain style…!

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