The picks of the week from around the web.

Comics time! This week I read a some good comics online. Apologies if you’ve already seen them posted elsewhere.

  • Yuichi Yokoyama: “Outdoor”. Great ecology-themed short piece from the master of kinetic comics.
  • John Porcellino: King Cat #63. The awesome group comics blog What Things Do now features an issue of King Cat, which is about as good as any recent work from one of the masters of contemporary comics.
  • USS Catastrophe: “Leon Beyond in the 66-Year Stink”. Zettwoch, Huizenga and May take their triviameister Leon Beyond on a tour of St. Louis’ polluted history, delirious factoid-style.
  • Ego comme X. The French publisher’s website has oodles of excellent comics from the world-class cartoonists it its stable available online. In addition to extracts from some great books, a number of short pieces appear in their entirety. I particularly recommend “Émile” by Fabrice Neaud, the short “Soeurs Zabîme” pieces by the late great Aristophane.

    1. I’ve been working very slowly on a “fan” translation of that Fabrice Neaud story. Admittedly my approach is fairly literal and the story is not the best entry for neophytes, but I’ve got to spread my mania for Neaud to the English speaking world one way or another.

    2. Hey Travis, that sounds great!
      I’ve recently been lamenting the utterly slim possibilities that Neaud will ever get translated, so even if this — as you say — isn’t the best introduction to his work, that’s still a very worthy effort. Let me know when it’s ready and I’ll plug it!

    3. Hi Travis, i am the webmaster of ego comme x publishing house, and i am interested in this translation you’re talking about… Could you please let me know when it is over or contact me at ? Maybe we can imagine a way to make a clean English speaking version of this story online.

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