Regulars here at the Bunker, and most people in Danish comics, may be aware of the establishment earlier this year of the Danish Comics Council — an organisation working to increase the knowledge and appreciation of the comics medium in Denmark. Since I’m a member of the board, I figured I would provide a little update in English about what’s been going on.

Over the past few months, we have been working for the establishment of an officially recognised comics education in Denmark and we are happy to announce that plans for such a programme is underway at the Animation Workshop in Viborg and will hopefully launch next year.

We are also working for the establishment of a comics centre, which simultaneously will serve as an archive, a museum and, more broadly, a cultural institution representing comics to the Danish public. We are seeking to consolidate comics in school curricula as well as an academic discipline, and we have undertaken the registration of all new comics publications and will compile an annotated list in an annual compendium.

On Sunday, our first public event — a critics’ roundtable — was held in Copenhagen. Situated at the tail end of the annual Copenhagen book fair, we were very happy with the turnout and the stimulating discussion between the invited critics, the chair (and Council chairman) Thomas Thorhauge, and the audience. For those of you who read Danish, an extended summary is available on our website.

And speaking of the website, it has just been overhauled and given a much-need graphic facelift, including a spiffy new logo designed by Frederik Storm. So expect an increase in our web activities in the future. On the website you’ll also find information on how to join the Council and participate in our work. Please consider it — we need all the help we can get, and we promise you it’s going to be fun most of the time!

So far, everything on there is on Danish, but that may change. Apologies to any non-Danish readers out there. We welcome any and all input and are looking to collaborate with related organisations abroad, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.