Swedish cartoonist and Donaldist Joakim Gunnarson has acquired what he claims to be a incomplete script by Carl Barks for an Uncle Scrooge story. This should be pretty interesting news to anyone into in the Good Duck Artist, and I for one would love to take a closer look at this document.

Gunnarson describes it in some detail on his blog. He speculates that the story — which involves a trip by a so-called “do-gooders'” club, to which I assume Scrooge belongs, to a tropical island, and wrings satire from their encounter with the native population — would have been a 20-pager and dates to the early 60s, which sounds about right from his outline of the plot. He doesn’t show nearly enough for anyone to be able to judge the document’s authenticity, however. The image he has up is of a document in Barks’ hand and it looks intriguing.

Here’s hoping he will show us more.

Image from “The Status Seeker”, Uncle Scrooge #41, 1963.