Next week it’s time for this year’s CPH:DOX — the great international documentary festival held annually in Copenhagen. It’s always worth checking out the programme, and I urge you especially to consider two of the films being screened there, if nothing else because I can vouch for some of the people involved.

Firstly, director Ada Bligaard Søby will see her latest film, Complaints Choir opening there (more info here and here, plus I’ve written a little about her work here). I’ve been following Ada’s work for years now, and it seems only to be getting better with each new film, borne as it is by a distinct auteurial voice and a sensitive approach both to direction and editing.

Also, my pal Klaus Heinecke, has worked as editor on Turf War in No Man’s Land, directed by Suvi Andrea Helminen, which will be screened twice. Klaus usually picks quality projects, and it looks promising to me. The trailer’s posted above.

So check out the festival, and if you’re not in Copenhagen — keep an eye out for international releases of these films.