Because YOU demanded it: Here are some more flix from last weekends MoCCA Art Festival and the simultaneous opening reception of the must see David Mazzucchelli retrospective exhibition. Immerse yourself in the festive moods! Savour the close-ups of great comic book art! Scroll past the pictures of people you don’t know! Here we go:

Saturday: David Mazzucchelli signing at The Lexington Avenue Armory.

A cover sketch for Mazzucchelli’s Rubber Blanket #2 displayed at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art.

The raw power of “Big Man” from Rubber Blanket #3.

A dramatic moment from Mazzucchelli’s initial claim to fame, the Daredevil-deconstruction “Born Again”.

A close-up of Mazzucchellis work on Batman: Year One.

A panel from Mazzucchellis Asterios Polyp – before the Photoshop-treatment.

Danes entering Little Italy.

Allan Haverholm.

The notorious Ib Kjeldsmark.

Christoffer Zieler.

Thomas Thorhauge.

Simon Bukhave and Thomas Thorhauge.

Finnish artist Sami, the notorious Ib K, Mia and Maja.

Sunday: Søren Mosdal catches a break from it all.

Steffen P. Maarup, editor and co-publisher of From Wonderland with Love.

Adrian Tomine signing.


Seth’s pencil case.