OK, so for about five minutes it sounded like the great Mike Patton was going to collaborate with Alan Moore for the musical part of the apparently autobiographically derived multi-media project, Unearthing, on which the Northhampton scribe has been working with photographer Mitch Jenkins (more here) and others for a couple of years. It turned out to be a rumour though, but for the three of us who care, there’s a bit of equally exciting news in the announcement of the project’s release through the quality British independent label Lex Records next year — MC Doseone is part of the project!

Who? Well, Doseone, aka. Adam Drucker, is about as arty as you get in hip hop music. A founding member of the seminal artist’s label Anticon — kind of a Fort Thunder for hip hop — he was part of the influx of suburban white artists in hip hop in the years around the turn of the Millenium. Highly talented if also assertively recondite, he has probably alienated more potential fans than he converted, but whatever one might think of him, it is hard to deny his skills on the mic, his devotion to his craft or his sheer originality as an MC. Whatever the exact nature of the collaboration between him and Moore, I think it’s kind of an inspired match.

Also attached to the project is the singer and one-man band Andrew Broder/Fog. This is from the interview with Tom Brown of Lex Records on Billboard which started the Patton rumours:

“Brown says that Lex’s deluxe release will include the book — which Brown describes as a “photographic novel” rather than a graphic novel like Moore’s “Watchmen” or “V for Vendetta” — as well as art prints, a two-hour audiobook recorded by Moore (possibly on a memory stick) and the soundtrack on vinyl. It is not yet clear if the soundtrack will get a separate release on CD or as a download, but Brown says he wants this to be a special release and was partly inspired by Radiohead’s deluxe version of “In Rainbows.”

I wasn’t all that impressed with the Jenkins images when I first saw them, but this news makes me more excited for the project!

For more on Doseone, including a discography, check his wiki. If you ask me, the essential recordings are his solo debut Hemispheres (1998), the great Anticon manifesto album, Deep Puddle Dynamics (2000), the two albums he did with producer Jel under the name Themselves (1999 & 2003), and perhaps his participation in the cLOUDEAD and subtle projects, plus — more recently — the amazing 13 & God album he and Jel did with the Notwist (2005). Above is a video from the uneven and often unbearably arty album Circle, which he did with Boom Bip in 2000 — never mind the bird man, just peep the tight vocals.

For a further mic check, listen to his verse on “The Scarecrow Speaks” from Deep Puddle Dynamics — he is second to go and delivers a rousing, beautiful verse. Also, witness him getting served by Project Blowed stalwart P.E.A.C.E. at Scribble Jam 99, but not without a good fight! True hip hop spirit there…