The picks of the week from around the web.

  • Frank Rich: “The American Press on Suicide Watch”. Rich cuts to the chase in this piece on what seems increasingly to be imminent demise of print journalism.
  • Donald Richie on Japanese cinema. Great on-stage interview with the gaijin dean of Japanese cultural studies, with special focus on his main area of interest: cinema. Unfiltered opinion and insight from a great critic. (Thanks, Dirk!)
  • Steven M. Johnson. This blog entry by Allison Arieff brought my attention to the deliciously ludicrous and quirkily inventive work of this cartoonist/inventor/author/urban planner. Check it out!
  • Thru You. The wonders of web creativity brings you Kutiman, who creates YouTube mashup videos for a bunch of great funk, soul and dub tunes in the style of the classic video to DJ Shadow’s “Midnight in a Perfect World”. (Thanks, Loka?!)
  • The Walrus: “Back in Palookaville” Sean Rogers writes about the role of design in the current revival of comic strip history and features the consummate if problematic work of Seth. Interesting perspectives are sketched out. Supplement it with this nice multimedia presentation from Seth’s home.