After spending two nights in downtown Angoulême, it seems kind of safe to conclude that nightlife culture has changed. Usually THE place to meet is legendary bar Le Chat Noir, but since smoking was banned inside, what seems to be the majority of the patrons have moved outside, leaving the place half-empty, or well, actually abandoned. But there’s more! The semi-notorious bar at Hotel Mercure doesn’t have quite the feel it used to; it’s still packed, although not as impressively as earlier, but now it’s a grey haired crowd dominating the place. You’ll be lucky to spot a youngster. As our beloved Bart Beaty asks @ Comics Reporter: “Where is everyone?”

Well, Dan Clowes and Chris Ware reportedly went to bed early, and even though Norwegian superstar Jason dropped by, turnout seemed a little sparse. Fortunately, the party continues in a bar on the street conecting the Place des halles with City Hall square. That’s where things are happening, mind you without any notable cartoonist presence. At the time of writing, I’ve managed to forget the name of the newbie bar, but it had a great funk band playing, and a charming bartender (see above).