As our patient reader surely expects, the Bunker crew knows how to pick its spot — L’Association’s Lapin release party seemed kind of dull until L’Asso-boss Jean-Christophe Menu exploded in the basement, performing several covers of Misfits punk classics! The Bunker is proud to present its very own (and, alas, unfortunately very short) YouTube clip documenting a slice of the central event — X-Ray Spex’ “I’m a Cliché” — this Friday night at Angoulême (look closer for the Bunker’s own Metabaron rocking back and forth in the background).

Note: This entry has been corrected to reflect punk reality.


  1. What Misfits, yo dumbfucks !? THE FAT BEAVERS (with guest jcmenu) were here covering X Ray Spex’s “I’m a Cliché”. THE DIRTY COUSINS covered a lot of bands including Stooges, Black Flag, Mudhoney and Motörhead but no Misfits neither. COURGE covered COURGE. But indeed we were 138… so why not.

  2. X-Ray Spex, of course! I don’t think it was dull untill his “tour de chant”, but, indeed, Menu increased the temperature…
    Zig, The Dirty Cousins GroiXplosion use to play Mudhoney’s “Hate the police” and The Stooges’ “No fun”, but didn’t at that time.

  3. The Dirty Cousins’ GroiXplosion actually played “TV eye” with jcmenu that night.

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