We’re rid of these assholes. Savor the moments in fuller here.

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  1. Beating around Bush.

    Now we can move on – Obama’s staff has got an enormous Spring-cleaning ahead of them. Ghost Busters and pesticides need to come in all corners; out with the bad air – in with the good !

    Me, being this old artifact, was moved to tears, while watching the inauguration with all of my children and grandchildren…my children nodding compulsory – “Now he’s getting into JFK-mode again!” But when I saw a poster “We HAVE overcome”, I had to tell (again) about the struggle for freedom, Martin Luther King with his wishfull thinking !


    This was, for me, a very emotional moment !

    … Dick Cheney should have had “the Ernest Blofeld treatment” – but this is for your eyes only !

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