The picks of the week from around the web.

  • Stephen Fry on language. This podcast is a real virtuoso performance from a sterling raconteur and wordweaver. Check it out.
  • Edward Gorey: The Recently Deflowered Girl. A little-known but brilliant Gorey book, in which he really fires on all his creative cylinders. Don’t miss it (thanks Tim and ComicsComics, from whom you should also go and download the PDF of their third print issue).
  • Two old and rarely seen ones from Alan Moore. “The Bowing Machine” (1991), originally printed in Raw, has Mark Beyer lending a little pictorial adventure to a somewhat heavy-handed, and uncharacteristically xenophobic, script, while “Love Doesn’t Last Forever” (1985), from Epic Illustrated, has Rick Veitch in his most hungry and delerious phase illustrating a somewhat banal EC-style yarn. (Thanks, Dirk).