The picks of the week from around the web.

  • The Daily Show (above). Jon Stewart has really been on fire this week, what with the sideshow spectacle of Governor Palin’s nomination and the Republican National Convention. Bear witness and shudder. Also, read these scathing yet on point comments by Judith Warner and these hilarious ones by Maureen Dowd, and these sober ones by Gloria Steinem.
  • K. Parille on the ending of Dan Clowes’ Ghost World. Writing for the new supergroup blog, Blog Flume, Parille makes a number of interesting observations on the subtlety and complexity of Clowes’ storytelling.
  • Swagger Like Us! You’ve probably already heard this, and even gotten sick of it. The four biggest name MCs right now unite over a ridiculous MIA hook. It’s not great, but worth a listen, if only for the pedigree brought to it.