Lest you’d missed it, it is festival season. So here’s another round of hype. This time for the newly initiated Oslo Comix Expo, which was held for the first time last year. It was a considerable success — a really pleasant and unpretentious, but still ambitious and well-organised little festival (read more here and here). This year it will be held on May 23-24 and only promises to get better. Amongst the announced guests we find Warren Ellis, Killoffer, Igort, Johnny Ryan, Martin Kellerman and the Stripburger collective.

The official programme hasn’t been announced, but an ancillary special arrangement has: on May 21-23, a workshop on the dramaturgy of comics, with special focus on the exchange between writing for film and comics, will be held at the Oslo Cinemateque (Filmens hus) in Oslo. Amongst the instructors will be a number of the above-mentioned comics luminaries: Killoffer, Igort and Warren Ellis.

To join, send an email with a CV and a short synopsis to a story (max. 3 pages) to, marked “TEGNESERIE-VÆRKSTED.” More information (in Norwegian) here and here. And keep an eye on the OCX site for updates! Artwork by Igort.