Stripdagen in Haarlem has long been known as one of the best small comics festivals in Europe, consistently offering quality programming and notable international guests. This year’s festival, which runs from June 6-8, looks to be no different, with a group exhibition of artists from the collectives FRMK, La Cinquiène couche and La Mycose being the central attraction announced so far.

Full disclosure: I’m in the nominating jury for the so-called VPRO Grand Prize, for which Chris Ware, Naoki Urasawa and Dominique Goblet have been singled out. The winner will be selected by an independent committee of some hundred Dutch and Belgian comics experts.

Additionally, it has been announced that the nominees for the national prize, the so-called Hoogste Prijs, are Hanco Kolk, Peter de Wit and Marcel Ruijters. The winner will be chosen by the same committee. Also, the VPRO debut prize will be given to Randall C.

Go, if you can!

Images from Goblet’s Faire semblant c’est mentir, Ware’s 2007 Thanksgiving covers for the New Yorker and Urasawa’s Monster.