We MUST make this work. We MUST have a kind of integration where we can be both Christian and Muslim and live next door to each other.

But we need unequivocal support for democracy. For our basic rights. For the equality of the sexes. And this applies to everyone in this country.

— Villy Søvndal, political leader, SF

The picks of the week from around the web.

  • Cartoon Crisis vol. 2? Not really, but things are bad enough as is. Jakob Illeborg runs informative commentary in English, while the showstopper of the week was surely the leader of left wing political party Villy Søvndal’s virulent criticism of extremist islamic organisation Hizb-ut-Tahrir and its role in the proceedings as well as in Danish society in general. And he’s been following it up in recent days (only in Danish, unfortunately, but if you read Danish and haven’t seen it, do).
  • Comics treats! Dan Zettwoch, Kevin Huizenga & Ted May are currently ganging up on great fun facts-comics, Ron Regé Jr. has started a series of eye-popping drawings on the theme of “The Cartoon Utopia”, and there’s a new site up collecting interviews with the great Alan Moore.
  • Walt Kelly’s test animation for a never-realised animated Pogo cartoon (part I, part II, thanks Dirk). An interesting artifact with some lovely cartooning and an increasingly relevant if somewhat hammy political message. And think about this: What do YOU reckon Albert’s voice sounds like?