The danger arises not only when there is an assumption on the religious side that membership of the community (belonging to the umma or the Church or whatever) is the only significant category, so that participation in other kinds of socio-political arrangement is a kind of betrayal. It also occurs when secular government assumes a monopoly in terms of defining public and political identity.

— Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

The picks of the week from around the web.

  • The Archbishop of Canterbury’s highly controversial lecture on the intersection of British and Islamic law, as well as those of other religions is well worth your attention if you’re at all interested in the role of religion, and especially Islam, in modern secular society.
  • Steve Gerber links. The passing of the mainstream comics auteur this week has prompted the posting of a good deal of interesting material relating to the man and his work. Here’s Gary Groth’s 1978 interview with Gerber from The Comics Journal, and here’s Dale Luciano’s 198? essay on Gerber’s most famous creation Howard the Duck, also from the Journal (warning: PDF). Also, be sure to read the personal reminiscences of Gerber’s friend and colleague, comics writer Steve Grant here. And here’s comics critic Tom Spurgeon talking about Gerber on the radio. Plus, read some Howard the Duck here. Thanks to Dirk for the heads-up.
  • Last, but not least, check out this interesting German short film. Rather Lynchian in tone, but well-executed and both mysterious and creepy. (Again, thanks Dirk.)