Picks of the Week

“It’s pretty well understood amongst the crew who’s in charge,” …[Kuchta] said.

“How do they know that?” a Coast Guard investigator asked.

“I guess, I don’t know […] But it’s pretty well — everyone knows.”

— Captain Curt R. Kuchta of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig

The weekly linkage is back! Which I guess means the blog is finally back up and running.

  • New York Times: On the Gulf oil spill. This article runs down the litany of corruption and incompetence that led to the disaster in the Mexican Gulf. Unbelievable stuff. Also, Frank Rich had a great column yesterday on Obama’s reliance on expert opinion and failure to assert control over the oil business.
  • New York Review of Books: Peter Beinart — “The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment”. The US response to the week’s depressing developments in the Eastern Mediterranean is framed by this even-headed examination of attitudes to Zionism amongst the younger generations of American Jews.
  • P1: Interviews med Chris Ware, Thomas Thorhauge, Signe Parkins og Dennis Gade Kofod. Skønlitteratur på P1 stiller skarpt på den litterære udvikling indenfor tegneserien. Et glimrende interview med Ware, et provokerende med Thorhauge og et informativt med Parkins.
  • Nummer9: Web-TV fra Komiks.dk

    Så er MC Cav Bøgelund på banen med det første indslag i en serie, der bliver åbningen af det spritnye danske tegneseriesite Nummer9.dks web-TV-kanal. Cav og Tue Søttrup trawlede festivalen på såvel åbningsaftenen som i løbet af lørdagen og fik en del interviews i kassen. Hold øje med Nummer9.dk de næste dage og uger, og bookmark endelig sitet, eller smid det i din feed — der kommer til at ske en masse. Vi er kun begyndt!

    Ovenfor har vi første interview, med selveste Mads Bluhm, formand for Komiks.dk.

    Images from ‘Contemporary Comics’ at the University of Copenhagen

    Regular readers might be aware that I was recently involved in the planning of an academic conference on comics at the University of Copenhagen. It was called Contemporary Comics and took place on Friday May 21st. It featured 12 international speakers, as well as the Canadian scholar Jacques Samson, who delivered the keynote address, and cartoonist Chris Ware in conversation with British comics expert Paul Gravett.

    The conference tied in with that weekend’s International comics festival, Komiks.dk, and was organized jointly by the Institute of Art and Cultural Studies, the Danish Comics Council and the festival. I very much enjoyed being part of the conference committee, which besides myself consisted of Rikke Platz Cortsen, Andreas Gregersen, Liva Skogeman, Christian Jess Rasmussen and Carsten Fogh Nielsen. Credit is especially due to Rikke, Ph.D-student at the Institute, who in addition to helming the conference taught a course on comics in the spring semester and saw her students through their exams at the festival itself, in front of a broad audience. Without her, none of this would have happened. Also, thanks to everyone else involved and everyone who turned up. It was nice meeting you all, and a great day!

    We now have some pictures up over at the Danish Comics Council website — here are the photos taken on the day by Henrik Conradsen, from which the above image of Gravett and Ware is culled, and here are cartoonist Erik Petris live sketches.

    J. F. Willumsen-tegneseriekonkurrence OBS! Ny Deadline

    J.F. Willumsens Museum har netop udskrevet en stor og ambitiøs tegneseriekonkurrence, der søger en behandling af den danske kunstners liv og værk i tegneserieform.

    UPDATE: Museet har netop udskudt deadline til 31. december.

    Her er deres (let redigerede) pressemeddelelse:

    J. F. Willumsens Museum udskrev d. 22. maj 2010 på Komiks.dk en konkurrence for professionelle tegnere og illustratorer om en tegneserie om en af Danmarks mest originale billedkunstnere gennem tiderne – J.F. Willumsen (1863-1958). De tre bedste oplæg præmieres med hhv. 35.000, 10.000 og 5.000 kr., og det vindende forslag vil i samarbejde med J.F. Willumsens Museum og et tegneserieforlag blive videreudviklet og publiceret.

    Men hvorfor en tegneseriekonkurrence på et kunstmuseum?

    Komiks.dk: It’s on!

    This year’s festival in Copenhagen promises to be the best yet. Friday night saw the launch party with the customary awards ceremony. As usual, most Danish comics people were there, providing the base of a fine crowd with many visitors from abroad: besides the two triumvirata — Burns, Clowes, Ware & Gibbons, O’Niell, Quitely — the festival’s international guests were out in force (sans Yslaire, who had to cancel at the last minute) and it was great to see most of the scholars who attended our conference at the University of Copenhagen earlier in the day (in itself a great pleasure — more on it soon) hanging around till late too.

    I was part of the jury and am proud to convey the winners here. It was difficult, but this is what we came up with — the list contains theall the nominees, with the winner highlighted: