Blueberry i Informeren

Ovre hos Information har de nu publiceret min efterhånden mange måneder gamle anmeldelse af bind seks i Cobolt opsamlingsserie af Jean Giraud og Jean-Michel Charliers Blueberry. Det markerer for mange læsere seriens højdepunkt, der hvor Blueberry er på flugt som lovløs, beskylders for mordforsøg på Præsident Grant, kæmper med den iskolde snigmorder Angel Face og søger tilflugt hos en Navajo-stamme, hvor han gennemgår noget der minder om en totemistisk genfødsel. Tilfældigvis sker det samtidig med at Giraud i det virkelige liv fornyede sin kunst under alter-egoet Moebius. Denne dobbeltforvandling er anmeldelsens hovedgenstand. Læs her!

Radio Rackham: The French Comics Market

In a first, we broadcast our latest episode in English. It features an interview with French comics critic, curator and market analyst Xavier Guilbert, who enlightens us on the French comics market, disspelling a number of myths along the way. He explains how manga alone has doubled the market between 2020 and 2021, how the best-selling publication in France in 2022 is a documentary comic about climate change, how the gender distribution of comics readership hasn’t changed along with the influx of female creators in the last decade or so but has remained stable since the eighties, and many other insights. This is a must for anyone interested in comics publishing or comics as a cultural phenomenon.

Listen here and read more (in Danish) at Nummer9. Also, do follow Xavier on Twitter @xguilbert and keep up with his work at his long-standing website

New articles on Titian, Sebastiano, Michelangelo, Raphael!

I’ve recently had a couple of scholarly articles published in two anthology volumes. I hope you will check them out.

One is a treatment, my most comprehensive yet, of Titian’s engagement with reproductive printmaking, from his scattered interactions with printmakers working after his designs and finished works in the earlier parts of his career, his involvement in Venetian literary circles from the later 1520s onwards and its manifestation in book illustration and print portraiture, to his increased collaboration with printers and printmakers issuing prints after his paintings from the 1550s onwards, culminating in his famous work with Cornelis Cort in the mid 1560s through 1571.

The article is included in the anthology Titian: Themes and Variations, edited by the great Peter Humfrey. It compiles new scholarship on Titian’s practice of replication and variation throughout his career and across media, written by many of the top scholars in the field. I’m honoured to be included.

The other article was developed from a conference paper I gave during covid for a Roman conference on Raphael in 2021, postponed like so many other things involving Raphael, from the anniversary year of 2020. It examines the close creative exchange, competition and mutual inspiration between Raphael, Sebastiano del Piombo and Michelangelo in Rome during the second decade of the sixteenth century and beyond. I have new things to say about Raphael’s appropriations from the Sistine Chapel ceiling, his and Sebastiano’s race to complete mural paintings in oil, the internal chronology of their respective renditions of the Transfiguration of Christ and a proposal about Michelangelo’s contribution to Sebastiano’s never-complete altarpiece for the Chigi chapel in Santa Maria della Pace.

It is published in the volume Himmlische und irdische Liebe: Ein anderer Blick auf Raffael, edited by Yvonne Dohna Schlobitten, Claudia Bertling Biaggini, Claudia Cieri Via, a rich compendium of work by a wide variety of scholars on this crucial period in the history of modern Western art.

Do take a look at either or both when you’re next at your academic library. I also recommend getting them for your own bookshelves of course, but realise that that is a longer shot.

Michelangelo and Sebastiano on Italian radio!

Sebastiano del Piombo, Study of Martha and other figures for the Raising of Lazarus, 1517. Frankfurt, Städel

Last week I was a guest on the live culture evening broadcast og Italian Radio 3 along with my great colleague and friend Costanza Barbieri to talk about Michelangelo and Sebastiano del Piombo on the occassion of our new(ish) book The Compass and the Mirror. If you can deal with my pessimo italiano, I think it turned out pretty informative, especially due to Costanza’s presence there. And if you just can’t get enough, here’s the video of the book presentation we did at the Accademia San Luca last autumn.

Patricia Rubin on Raphael

Recently uploaded to my employer, The National Gallery’s youtube channel, this is a pleasant throwback to one of the joys of my working life last year: the Raphael exhibition and attendant events, such as this, the annual Linbury lecture, given by the great Patricia Rubin on the enduring afterlife of Raphael’s Madonna della Seggiola, today in the Palazzo Pitti in Florence. Director Gabriele Finaldi introduced Pat, who gave a knockout lecture, and I had the pleasure of discussing Raphael with her afterwards. Check it out here:

The Vision i Information

I fredagens bogtillæg til Information kunne man læse min anmeldelse af Tom King, Gabriel Hernández Walta og Jordie Bellaires Marvel-serie The Vision (2018) i den forholdsvis nyudgivne danske udgave fra Fahrenheit, oversat af Lars Kramhøft. Det er bl.a den, der har udgjort hjørnesten i tv-serien Wandavision fra 2021. Hermed en central passage, der forholder sig til seriens iscenesættelse af en androidefamilie med superkræfter som småborgere i en amerikansk forstad:

Parallellerne til virkelighedens etniske integration er åbenbar, men det kræver en vis tålmodighed at tilpasse allegorien syntetiske mennesker, der kan flyve, ‘fase’ deres kroppe, så de bliver immaterielle som spøgelser og i det hele taget besidder kræfter, der kan udslette alt omkring dem. Når det alligevel et langt stykke hen ad vejen lykkes, skyldes det, at historien søger at bruge netop dette koncept til at udforske vores normalitetsbegreb, og hvor ødelæggende det kan være, når det ophøjes til ideal.

Læs anmeldelsen her, hvis du har abonnement.