Help Gene Colan!

Gene “The Dean” Colan, the master of painterly penciling whose art graced many a classic Silver Age story in such titles as Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Daredevil and Tomb of Dracula, is ailing. And his family is having a hard time paying his medical bills. They are therefore asking Colan’s fans for contributions, so if you count yourself amongst those, please consider giving whatever you might be able to spare. Remember: Colan is unfortunate enough to live in a rich country whose government is of very little help when it comes to this kind of problem and has mostly worked for employers who are of even less use.

There are two ways of helping:

  • Bid in one of the Colans’ eBay auctions, which has the added advantage of possibly netting you a nice piece of original art.
  • Or do as I did: donate via PayPal. The Colans are registered as — just log into your account, choose “send money”, insert said email address and the amount you wish to donate, and to make things easier, you might want to mention the word “donation” in the comments box, to make it easier to parse on the other end.
  • Art by Colan and Tom Palmer, from Tomb of Dracula #52 (1976).

    Kirby’s Here! Sort of…

    kirby_king_comics.jpgMark Evanier long-time friend and collaborator of the late Jack Kirby, and the world’s foremost authority of the man and his work, has been working on a comprehensive biography for years. Recognising that this book will be huge, as well as expensive and perhaps hard to market to a broader audience, he has put out an abbreviated, coffee-table version, Kirby — King of Comics, which is to serve simultaneously as a primer on Kirby to a general audience and and lavishly-produced art book showcasing a representative selection of the best of Kirby’s vast oeuvre.

    This is a good idea. Kirby’s work is not only experiencing something of a popular renaissance by proxy through the newly-minted, goldlined silverscreen incarnations of his creations, but seems entirely ripe for a broader reassessment as a major artist of the 20th Century. This is a well-timed book, but how well does it succeed? Less well than one would have hoped, unfortunately.

    Hype: Majors

    Majors is a new Danish supergroup delivering traditional, well-crafted boom-bap hip hop in spades. In consists of former DMC Champion DJ Noize, DJ and producer extraordinaire Static, as well as the MCs NatILL, J-Spliff and the hottest new talent on the block, Negash Ali. Their album is out, you can check out their first video here and, if you’re in Denmark, be sure to make one of these upcoming shows:

    Copenhagen, Rust
    Wednesday May 7
    Doors 21.00 (free beer)
    Show 23.00

    Ã…rhus, Train
    Friday May 9
    Doors 23.00
    Show 01.30 MySpace

    The Arbiters of Taste 2007

    By Matthias Wivel, Henry Sørensen & T. Thorhauge
    As per our Modus Operandi, we hereby bring you the Bunker’s selections of the best comics of 2007, more than four months into the new year, after everyone else has moved on. But we wouldn’t bother if we didn’t think our recommendations might be useful to comics readers out there. So here we go!

    2007 was another great year for comics, although one could perhaps argue that the publication of new, truly groundbreaking or just plain amazing comics has been slightly on the wane the past couple of years, after the consummation of the work of so many great talents, both in North America and the Francophone countries, in the years around the turn of the new century. This may just be the way the chips have fallen, but could also be a symptom of the generational shift taking place within comics. The great works published by now established, middle-age cartoonists in previous years are a hard act to follow to say the least, but a generation of younger artists are increasingly delivering the goods and we can only hope they will continue to grow.