Clowes Mr. Wonderful

As our Dear Reader may have noticed, Mr. Daniel Clowes has finally made his long-awaited return to comics in The Sunday Magazine of New York Times. With five installments currently on display, it seems somewhat safe to say that Clowes is back as we knew him in 2004, when the last issue of Eightball was published (and yes, the story in there – The Death Ray – was a spectacular masterpiece). The new story’s called Mr. Wonderful, and it’s all here.

And P.S., while you’re in there, do check out the coverage of David Michaelis’ controversial new biography of Charles M. Schulz. It’s right here. It seems like a must-read.

And P.P.S., here’s Bill Watterson’s review of the Schulz-biography. Everyone who subscribes to the motto: “The sorrows of life, the joys of art” seems to like this book a lot.