blaek_cvr_t.jpgWe have just received notice that the big anthology of Danish comics and related visual art, BLÆK, edited by myself and T. Thorhauge, designed by Frederik Storm and with cover art by Jan Solheim, has sold out from the publisher. From its frenetic creation, including the criticisms of economical mismanagement and political censorship, as well as the concomitant tie-in with the infamous Muhammed cartoon crisis, it was clear that it was going to make waves, and its present, critically-acclaimed and award-winning presence in Danish comics culture speaks for itself. It is, needless to say, a book we are proud of, and continue to stand by 100%.

We hope everyone who read it will continue to check for the artists who contributed — it is, of course, more than anything their book. Thanks to everyone who read and had an opinion on BLÆK!

For those still interested in obtaining BLÆK, it is not completely gone yet — there should still be copies around in the book stores (Fantask, for example, still has it). But our suggestion is that you hurry — once it’s gone, it’s gone, and will perhaps become a collector’s item.

blaek_komiks_dk_2006.jpgThe editors and some of the contributors at the festival in Copenhagen, April 2006, at the time of the launch of the book. From left to right: T. Thorhauge, yours truly, Peter Madsen, Ole Comoll Christensen, Michael Rytz & Jan Solheim. Unfortunately, we don’t have the name of the photographer, but we owe him thanks. Many thanks, also, to editor Martin Gylling and Politikens forlag for believing in the project, and a profuse thank you to all artists involved.