Coming up at Brandts Klædefabrik in Odense, Denmark, is ‘Comix,’ an exhibition dealing with the intersection of comics and fine arts that is increasingly rewriting the rules for the former and stimulating the latter these years. The exhibition incorporates works by fine artists working with comics and cartoon vocabularies or deriving inspiration from the ethos of same and with cartoonists working in the gray area between comics and the pictorial arts, as well as a handful of visual innovators working within more traditional cartoon idioms.

Full disclosure: yours truly has been involved as a consultant and has also contributed an article to the catalogue. I however know very little about how the exhibition looks and such, and am therefore looking forward to checking it out. Originals by R. Crumb, David B., Anders Nilsen and Killoffer, as well as the installations by Paperrad and Søren Behncke (a gigantic cardboard sculpture of a cartoon cloudfight, I hear) as well as a mixed media display of Phoebe Gloeckner’s work in progress on the Juárez murders, should in any case be worth the prize of admission in themselves.

Here’s the full list of artists participating in the exhibition, presented in official graphic form:


The exhibition runs from September 22–January 6 at Brandt Klædefabrik, Odense. More information here. The Image is one of Killoffer’s illustrations from Géométrie dans la poussière, written by Pierre Senges (2004). Probably not in the exhibition, but a neat image.