natasja_sunburst.jpgThis is so sad. I can’t really bring myself to write about anything else at the moment. It is, however, some solace that so many people have been showing their love these last days. And there are also some news about what happens now.

People interested in helping Natasja’s mother and family give her a nice funeral are encouraged to visit her MySpace page where further information can be found.

For those who read Danish, my obituary can be seen in a slightly different version over at RapSpot. Everyone is also encouraged to visit the RapSpot board where the community is paying respect and showing love. Also, read MC and hip hop journalist PTA’s reminiscences here, and be sure to read the best obituary written so far, by selector and journalist Ras Money, here. Danish daily Information has a good one too. Also, The Jamaica Observer has the news, with testimony from Natasja’s friend and fellow dancehall DJ Lady G.

There’s a memorial event at Christiania, the Copenhagen Free Town that Natasja held so dear, over the weekend, both Friday and Saturday. I don’t have any info on Saturday, but Friday sees the follwoing lineup at Månefiskeren from 15.00-22.00: DJ Steen Rock, Carlito, Nicky Guerrero, Jah Bobby m.fl. And at the Sunshine Bakery, Adam from Universal Soundsystem will be playing. More info here.

I leave you with a picture of Natasja in her element: deejaying to the tunes of my man DJ CARS10. Rest in Peace, Sista.