Our celebration of Hergé’s centenary continues! Today’s drawing is by Simon Bukhave, one of the most promising young Danish cartoonists. So far, Simon has created two beautiful comic books, Ghost (2002) and Alt hvad jeg har i min ene hånd (2006), both wordless and meticulously drawn in black and white. Simon also contributed to BLÆK, the French edition as well as the Danish (check them out in our ‘works‘ section). Visit Simon’s site and read his entry in Lambiek. Simon is part of Studio Over Floden in Copenhagen, working with Mårdøn Smet, Miwer, Johan Krarup and myself.

Also, check out the artwork in the previous instalments, by Mårdøn Smet, Miwer, Johan Krarup, Peter Kielland-Brandt, Ole Comoll Christensen and the one by, well, myself. And be sure to read our freewheeling discussion of Hergé’s work .