Yes, our celebration of Hergé’s centenary continues – we’ve now hit the one-week mark and are still going strong! Today’s drawing is by one of Danish fandom’s movers and shakers, the inimitable Peter Becher! Deeply involved in Danish fandom as a consultant and translation coach for the editors of the Complete Carl Barks, currently being published in Scandinavia, as well as co-editor of the legendary Nørd Nyt (‘Nerd News’), as well as the online nerd haven SerieJournalen (for which he has done a special Tintin pop quiz – in Danish, sorree! – for the centenary), his credentials are not to be fornicated with.

Also, check out the artwork in the previous instalments, by Mårdøn Smet, Miwer, Johan Krarup, Peter Kielland-Brandt, Ole Comoll Christensen, T. Thorhauge and Simon Bukhave. And be sure to read our freewheeling discussion of Hergé’s work .