Our celebration of Hergé’s centenary continues! Today’s drawing, inspired by the back covers of the old Danish editions of the Tintin books, is by Peter Kielland-Brandt, one of the veterans of the innovative 70s generation of Danish cartoonists and one of our most original voices. His website can be seen here, his Lambiek entry here, and an archive of assorted old work here. An American edition of his masterful pantomime Fish is available and can be purchased here or here, while the original Danish edition is available from Fahrenheit. In 2006, he finished his epic, 10-years-in-the-making Jernpotte, which unfortunately has not been translated but which anyone who can read Danish should take a look at.

Also, check out the artwork in the previous instalments, by Mårdøn Smet, Miwer, and Johan Krarup. And be sure to read our freewheeling discussion of Hergé’s work .