Today, the Association of Danish Bookbinders will be presenting their selection of 2006 books at the Museum of Arts and Crafts (Kunstindustrimuseet) in Copenhagen. As mentioned earlier, Rackham’s big anthology of Danish comics and cartoon art BLÆK is part of the it. I won’t be there, but I think both T. Thorhauge (co-editor and contributor) and Frederik Storm (designer) will. Show up, take a look at the books and drink some wine, if you have time!

The reception for the exhibition of the books Books of the Year show, at which a number of special prizes will be awarded, will be held at Kunstindustrimuseet at 4.30 PM. It runs until June 24. For more on BLÆK, check our ‘works’ section. The book can be ordered from the publisher, Politikens forlag, here. Also, we are pleased to note that this is not the first time Rackham has received this honour – our previous book, Forandringstegn, was part of the selection for 2004. For more on that book, see our ‘works’ section or go directly to our special site dedicated to it. The photo above was taken at the event, by Thomas, by the way. There’s BLÆK in the foreground, and there’s Martin Gylling our editor at Politikens forlag, and Steffen Maarup, publisher at Aben Maler, behind the table.