Kolor Klimax cover illo by Aapo Rapi

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Selection of hi-res images from Kolor Klimax.

  • Kolor Klimax Issuu preview
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  • Kolor Klimax photo gallery
  • Publishers

  • Kolor Klimax at Fantagraphics Books
  • Kolor Klimax at Nordicomics
  • Kolor Klimax at Finnish Comics.
  • Artists

  • Thomas Thorhauge’s contribution to Kolor Klimax, “Suicide Joe vs. The Dead Tree Press,” landed him in trouble when he forgot a sketchbook with drawings of suicide bombers on his airplane seat in Brussels. He tells the story here (in Danish)
  • Peter Kielland-Brandt on his back cover illustration to Kolor Klimax (in Danish).
  • Johan F. Krarup’s contribution to Kolor Klimax, “Nostalgia,” was nominated for a Ping Award for ‘Best Danish Comic 2011.’ He is interviewed about it below and here. And here Krarup takes us behind the scenes of his comic (both in Danish)
  • The original pages of Gitte Broeng and Mikkel Damsbo’s contribution to Kolor Klimax, “Relocating Mother,” are featured at the Spring Exhibition at Charlottenborg, Copenhagen.
  • Emelie Östergren’s contribution to Kolor Klimax, “Yellow Cloud,” can be read in its entirety at her website.
  • Rui Tenreiro’s THELYTOKY, which was made specifically for the book can be read online in its entirety at the Study Group website.
  • On Kolor Klimax

  • Interview with editor Matthias Wivel on the book. Available in Danish and English
  • Kolor Klimax review by Bart Beaty at Comics Reporter
  • Kolor Klimax in Euroman (in Danish)
  • Kolor Klimax review by Nikolaj Mangurten Rubin at Nummer9 (in Danish)
  • Article on (amongst other things) Johan F. Krarup’s “Nostalgia” and its Ping-nomination for Best Danish Comic by Christian Monggaard at Information (in Danish).
  • Kolor Klimax review by Daniel Elkin at ComicsBulletin
  • Kolor Klimax reviewed at Big Planet Comics podcast (starts at 35:40)
  • Kolor Klimax reviewed at Paste Magazine.
  • Kolor Klimax review by Noel Murray at the A.V. Club.
  • Photos from the Kolor Klimax push at Oslo Comix Expo 2012.
  • Kolor Klimax review by Walter Wehus (in Norwegian).
  • Kolor Klimax reviewed at Nación del Comic (in Spanish).
  • Kolor Klimax reviewed in Unge Pædagoger (in Danish; click through to page 88).
  • Kolor Klimax end-of-the-year recommendation by Nick Abadzis at Boing Boing.
  • Kolor Klimax review by Robert Kirby at The Comics Journal
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  • Kolor Klimax at ComicWiki (in Danish).
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