Just a quick note, here from Oslo, where OCX is going swimmingly. Centered around Oslo’s comics library, in the middle of the hip cafe & kebab quarter Grünerløkka, it’s a chill little festival with a number of interesting guests, mostly Norwegian – Jason, Lars Fiske & Steffen Kverneland probably being the most interesting, though a good cross section of Norwegian cartooning is certainly present.

Also, the Swiss artists Kati Rickenbach and Andres Gefe are here, representing what is probably the premier European comics anthology, the long running-still going strong Strapazin. Just attended their panel, which provided a good look at their very different work – Rickenbach does energetic and loose, autobiographical slice-of-life cartooning, while Gefe works in a more illustrative style with his most recent book, Der Gesang der Generale (written by Boucquet) being done in gorgeous computer colored monotype. Good stuff, and definitely worth checking out.

Tonight’s the big party with several cartoonist’s bands lighting it up. Should be fun. But first, I gotta do my panel…

More later.