So, those ignoble ClearChannel billboards at the bus stops all around town here are now advertising Spider-Man 3. The conceit is that blue/red Spider-Man mirrors black Spider-Man in the glass facade of a Manhattan high rise, and vice-versa. Yes, it’s clever, I know. And well enough put together I guess, but what exactly is supporting our guy as he hangs there in midair, taking a gander? His webline’s nowhere near taut, so it can’t be that… has he suddenly acquired the disproportionate weight of a spider and blown in on the wind?*

What were the designers thinking here? How hard would it have been to make the webbing appear to actually suspend him there, in front of us? Look, guys, this is obviously a pose you’ve gotten from Romita, by way of McFarlane; how about consulting their drawings an extra time before sending your illo off to press? (I mean, even the Toddler usually got it right). I guess the idea is that Spider-Man is just swinging in, and what we’re seeing is a split-second reflection, but he does seem awful still…

No, I’m not loosing any sleep over this, but sometimes I just wonder: how hard can it be?

* Come to think about it, how is it spider-powers enable you to jump all over the place — how many spiders do that, exactly? UPDATE: Here I get schooled.