We’re getting to that time of year when us Northern European comics fans head south to sample the first taste of spring in comics at the Angoulême festival. As in previous years, I will be covering the event for The Comics Journal, so peep their site for updates come Thursday and through the weekend.

I’ve been covering the festival off and on since 2001 for different media, and much of this coverage is online. Unfortunately, most of it remains consigned to more or less inoperative domains, such as my old mag Rackham and the “Classic” TCJ site that fell through the cracks when the new, much improved version went operative. I’ve therefore decided to assemble links to our (mine and Thomas Thorhauge’s) complete online coverage here, and — as you may have noticed from glancing at the flow of the blog today — even to import to the Bunker all of my TCJ coverage, just to have it accessible closer to home.

Here’s the timeline:

2001-2006 (Rackham):
The Complete Rackham coverage (in Danish)

2007 (The Metabunker):
The Metabunker coverage

2008 (The Metabunker):
On the Bunker’s non-presence at Angoulême 2008
The French “Comics Mafia” and other Follies
Shaun Tan Wins Book of the Year at Angoulême
Dupuy & Berberian — Grand Prix d’Angoulême
A Cornucopia of Cliché — review of Shaun Tan’s Book of the Year Winner The Arrival

2009 (The Metabunker):
The Metabunker coverage
Take Two: An Interview with Ruppert/Mulot

2010 (crossposted between TCJ.com and The Metabunker):
Angoulême 2010: Friday
Angoulême 2010: Saturday
Angoulême 2010: Aftermath
Angoulême 2010: The Flix!
“Everything I do, I do at an increasing risk” — An interview with Fabrice Neaud

2011 (TCJ.com, with additions at The Metabunker):
Angoulême 2011 at The Comics Journal.
Angoulême 2011: Friday
Angoulême 2011: Saturday
Angoulême 2011: Art Spiegelman Grand Prix
Angoulême 2011: Aftermath
Angoulême 2011: Flix!

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