rembrandt_elephant.jpgHere we are. About to embark upon a new project. From what little knowledge we have of Hindu tradition, we understand that it is always prudent to bring along elephants. To salute God in the aspect of good fortune, intellect and wisdom – Ganesha.

Since what we hope to achieve with the Metabunker is a useful and intelligent contribution to discourse on the issues we’ll be addressing, invoking Ganesha seems prudent. Also, we’ve always been fond of the new when it offers a lasting evolutionary contribution to human experience, or however you want to put it. Whether we have anything new to say in this sense is, of course, up to others to judge, but this basic fondness of ours makes a toast to the god of new beginnings doubly appropriate.

And besides, Ganesha has been a favourite of yours truly since childhood. Probably because he’s an elephant god, whose ample belly contains infinity. It doesn’t get anymore awesome than that.

Aum Shri Ganeshaya Namah!

Yes, I know the drawing above is not of Ganesh, but of a perfectly ordinary elephant, resident of the city Amsterdam in 1637 and delightfully captured by Rembrandt. The drawing is at the British Museum in London.