As you may have noticed, the Metabunker now looks slightly different from how it did until last week. The simple reason is that we’ve finally shed the coils of our 2007 WordPress installation (see image for a reminder) in favour of something a little more 2011. A huge thank you to Derik Badman for mastering the transition. Without him it probably wouldn’t have happened for another four years, if at all.

So, it is now easier to sign up for our RSS feed — just tap the switches on the upper right of the sidebar. Other than that, we’ve decided finally to activate our dormant Twitter account as an experiment, in order to see whether that particular piece of hyped online ephemera is going to cause any revolutions in our neck of the woods. We ain’t asking for much — a little fun will do — so we might just be pleasantly surprised. Please note, however, that we haven’t yet managed to set up a mechanism to hype updates made here directly in that succinct format, but it may happen sometime soon!

In any case, we hope that you’ll keep reading and find something to enjoy. There’s always stuff in the pipeline. Let us know what you think!