angou_2007_coll.jpgSorry to be spamming y’all with more Angoulême stuff — but I figured it would be nice to have everything in one place here: from our on-site reportage and our photos, over the more focused criticism, to our interview with Grand Prix winner(s) Muñoz & Sampayo and our review of Mizuki Shigeru’s main prize-winner, NonNonBâ.

Here you are:

Muñoz & Sampayo

Book of the Year: Mizuki Shigeru’s NonNonBâ
Thierry Groensteen’s Bande Dessinée – Objet Culturel Non-Identifié

“Hergé” & “BD Reporters”, Paris Beabourg

Angoulême 2007: The Flix!
Fumetti d’Angoulême – Terkel Risbjerg on Tardi’s Le Cri du peuple
1833: Birth of Comics, get it?

Taste Malfunction! (on Frémok’s criticism of the festival)
Enter Trondheim (A chance encounter)
Borified Burns (Charles Burns panel)
Angoulême: Danskerne! (on the Danish presence at the festival)
Points of Debate (roundtable on T. Groensteen’s new book)
Muñoz Awarded Grand Prix; High-Quality Prize Winners All Around
Didier Lefêvre Passes Away

Montauzier – A Look Back I
Montauzier – A Look Back II

That’s all for this time – we promise not to bother you again until next year… at least for a while.

For earlier years, Rackham‘s collected coverage can be accessed here.