museo-ideale-leonardo-cp-53.jpgThe picks of the week from around the web.

  • The New Yorker: “The Mark of a Masterpiece”. David Grann talks to and examines the colourful career of Peter Paul Biro, the art forensics man who has participated in the authentication of the pretty, so-called Leonardo drawing that surfaced out of nowhere last year. Pretty amazing reading, which cannot help but shake confidence in the attribution.
  • The Comics Detective: DC vs. Victor Fox. Ken Quattro unearths the fascinating documentation of Will Eisner’s testimony at the 1939 trial, in which Fox was being sued over plagiary of Superman. Besides being an interesting historical document, the text runs counter to Eisner’s later accounts of his testimony, most notably in his 1986 comic The Dreamer. Thanks, Hank!
  • Jim Woodring. This essay on the cartoonist’s great creation, Frank, is a fine one. And Suat’s walk-through via Hindu symbolism over at HU is a good read too.