“Like the attacks by Al Qaeda, the disaster in the Gulf was preceded by ample warnings : yet the administration had ignored them. Instead of cracking down on MMS, as he had vowed to do even before taking office, Obama left in place many of the top officials who oversaw the agency’s culture of corruption. He permitted it to rubber-stamp dangerous drilling operations by BP : a firm with the worst safety record of any oil company : with virtually no environmental safeguards, using industry-friendly regulations drafted during the Bush years. He calibrated his response to the Gulf spill based on flawed and misleading estimates from BP : and then deployed his top aides to lowball the flow rate at a laughable 5,000 barrels a day, long after the best science made clear this catastrophe would eclipse the Exxon Valdez.”

— Tim Dickinson

The picks of the week from around the web.

  • Rolling Stone: “The Spill, The Scandal and the President” a devastating investigation by Tim Dickinson of the Mexican Gulf Oil Spill and the Obama administration’s handling of it. Must read.
  • The Comics Journal: “The Mirror of Male-Love Love”. This extended piece by Dirk Deppey from the week before last is ostensibly about boys’ love manga, but is really more of a confessional essay, and as such it is a gripping, beautiful read. Highly recommended.